2021 Agendas

Regular meetings are scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise posted.

Meeting notices are posted to the web site 72 hours before the scheduled meeting, per the Open Meeting Act guidelines.

2021 Agenda Dates

The deadline to submit with all comments addressed is 12:00pm (noon) on the date in RED

Board Meeting Date Deadline For Eligibility
January 5th Agenda

December 25, 2020
January 15th Special Meeting Agenda

February 2nd Agenda

January 22nd
March 9th Agenda

February 26th
April 6th Agenda

March 26th
April 15th Public Workshop Agenda

May 4th

April 23rd
May 4th – Public Hearing

June 8th

May 28th
June 11th – Special Meeting

July 13th

July 2nd
August 3rd

July 23rd
August 18th
September 14th – Public Hearing
September 14th September 3rd
October 5th September 24th
November 2nd October 22nd
December 7th November 26th