Brookside Village – Culvert Policy

Locations in Brookside Village:

  1. Request installation through Brookside Village City Hall; 6243 Brookside Rd., Brookside Village, TX 77581; (281) 485-3048. They will fax your request to BDD4.
  2. BDD4 will call for an underground line locate; minimum of 2 days.
  3. BDD4 representative will estimate amount of stabilized sand required per culvert manufactures specifications.
  4. Order and pay for stabilized sand. DO NOT have it delivered. Take receipt to BDD4. We will pick up & haul fill material at time of job.
  5. Purchase culvert (sized by City of Brookside Village) and have them delivered.
  6. Stake location of driveway culvert placement.
  7. Call BDD4 when culverts are delivered.
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