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CR 130/CR 127 Detention Mitigation

This project consists of the design and construction new drainage ditches through the Pearland Regional Airport to provide drainage relief for CR 127 and regrading the roadside ditches along CR 130 to redirect flows towards Cowart Creek more efficiently.  The project includes construction of a detention pond adjacent to Cowarts Creek to mitigate the increased flows.  An MOU between the District, Brazoria County, and Pearland Regional Airport has established drainage easements necessary for the ditches and detention required.

Construction In Progress

Joe Martin Ditch Improvements

The improvements along Joe Martin Ditch will be broken down into segments.  This project includes regrading, installation of storm sewer pipe, and slope paving within the Joe Martin Ditch right-of-way from Mary’s Creek to Sleepy Hollow Dr.  Substantial erosion and siltation of the existing ditch is preventing the adjacent Woodcreek Subdivision storm sewer system from properly draining causing the system to retain excessive stormwater.


Construction In Progress

Oakbrook Detention Pond

The District has acquired and taken over the Oakbrook detention ponds.  This is a maintenance project in order to repair the failing detention system for the Oakbrook subdivision.


Under Construction

Garden Rd. Detention Pond

The District purchased approximately 27-acres at the end of Garden Rd. adjacent to Clear Creek for this regional flood mitigation basin in Brookside Village.  The first phase will consist of constructing a dry basin that will provide immediate benefit to the watershed.  Future phase(s) propose to expand the facility utilizing a pump system to maximize volume capacities.


Under Construction

Notice to Purchasers

The District is required by Texas Water Code §49.453 to make available this notice to prospective real property purchasers within our jurisdiction.  It is the sole responsibility of the seller of said real property to provide this notice to the purchaser prior to entering into and executing a binding contract on the property.

Notice to Purchasers


Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 controls certain activities within its jurisdictional authority.  The District grants permits and requires on-site availability of such permits.  Permits granted for activity within the District shall list the specific activities for which the permit was issued and the date of expiration.  Activities shall be limited to those shown on the issued permit.  The applicant is responsible for renewing permits prior to the expiration date and will be considered in non-compliance during the period that the permit is expired.

Types of Permits:

Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines

Effective August 8, 2023, use the above link for the District’s current Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines.

Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 is a political subdivision of the State of Texas.  It’s mission is to control and distribute the storm and floodwaters within its jurisdiction pursuant to Article XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution, Chapters 49 & 56 of the Texas Water Code and all special legislation pertaining to the District.

To achieve this mission, the Board of Commissioners has directed that the District:

  1. Develop sound fiscal procedures to protect taxpayer monies.
  2. Design near-term and long-term goals and objectives.
  3. Establish guidelines for land development that has the potential to impact the distribution of storm and floodwaters.
  4. Schedule labor force and equipment to meet maximum efficiencies and use thereof.
  5. Report plans and program progress to the public through appropriate entities.

The District’s current Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines were approved and adopted at a regular meeting on July 11, 2023 and went into effect on August 8, 2023.


All resolutions associated with the Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines:

Old Mary’s Creek Improvements

This project has been completed

This District project included clearing and reestablishing the banks along a section of approximately 1,400 linear feet of Old Mary’s Creek starting at the Mary’s Creek Bypass.

In Progress

Construction Completed

Moore Rd. Ditch Regrading

Mykawa Drainage Project

This project has been completed

This drainage project is part of the Texas Water Development Board grant program 75/25 local match agreement. The District was awarded the grant to enclose the ditch with reinforced concrete boxes and to construct mitigation ponds associated with the project. The goal of these improvements is to provide flood relief to the surrounding area and localized flooding which includes the neighborhoods of Willowcrest and Willowick.

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