Ongoing Improvements

Hickory Slough Improvements – Max Rd. to Silverlake Pkwy.

This purpose of this project is to clean out silt and repair the slopes as needed on Hickory Slough from Max Rd. to Silverlake Pkwy.  The portion from Max Rd. to Cullen Blvd. will focus on the removal of silt islands and build up.  Further west, from Cullen Blvd. to Silverlake Pkwy. the focus will be on slope repairs on the south side of Hickory Slough.

Mary’s Creek Benching

This project has been completed

The District will excavate benching areas along Mary’s Creek between FM 1128 & Magnolia Pkwy.  These areas will expand the total capacity of the creek without causing a negative downstream or upstream impact.

This project is a precursor to the West Lea Ditch Improvements job.

Town Ditch Improvements – Old Alvin Rd. to Pearland Pkwy.

Town Ditch is being regraded and reseeded from Old Alvin Rd. to Pearland Pkwy. as part of the continued effort to improve drainage in the area.


Rogers Middle School Ditch

This project has been completed

Rogers Middle School Ditch was regraded and reseeded to improve flow and functionality.