Longherridge Dr.

This project is part of a collaborative effort with the City of Pearland

This is a joint partnership project with the City of Pearland that will replace a full 120′ run and a partial run of RCP that has separated.  Both runs will be straighten out the 30″ RCP.  The District will also realign the open ditch to the south which flows into Old Mary’s Creek.

Virtual Public Involvement Session

As part of a stormwater quality coalition effort, Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 will be hosting a Virtual Public Involvement Session to for input into the District’s Stormwater Management Program.  The virtual session will be open starting July 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022.

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20814 – Mimosa Acres Detention Facility

Bid Name: 20814 – Mimosa Acres Detention Facility

Submittal Date:  May 17, 2022 at 10:00am (CT)


The scope of the project includes (approximately): 1,865 square feet of RediRock retaining wall and all associated improvements.

Bids will be received until 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 17, 2022 on the CivCast website at:  All bids will be publicly opened.

Bid Documents may be obtained on the CivCast website at:

The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and waive bidding informalities. Those bids deemed most advantageous to the District will be considered for the award of a Contract.

Please monitor CivCast for any changes or addendums to the bid.

Hickory Slough Improvements – Max Rd. to Silverlake Pkwy.

This purpose of this project is to clean out silt and repair the slopes as needed on Hickory Slough from Max Rd. to Silverlake Pkwy.  The portion from Max Rd. to Cullen Blvd. will focus on the removal of silt islands and build up.  Further west, from Cullen Blvd. to Silverlake Pkwy. the focus will be on slope repairs on the south side of Hickory Slough.

Roy Rd. Detention Pond

The Roy Rd. Detention Pond project is located at the dead end of Roy Rd. adjacent to the south side of Clear Creek in Brookside Village.  It will encompass the District acquired 14.335 acre Taha tract (purchased in FY 2020) and the previously acquired 4.13 acre Loonam tract allowing for a potential total of 18.465 surface acres of detention area and will provide additional flood mitigation for that area in Brookside Village.

Mary’s Creek Channel Lining @ Pearland Pkwy.

This project has been completed

The District removed the failing rip-rap on the banks of Mary’s Creek at the bridge at Pearland Pkwy. and replaced it with concrete lining.  The concrete will last a considerably longer length of time and allow for more efficient routine maintenance at that location.

Mary’s Creek Benching

This project has been completed

The District will excavate benching areas along Mary’s Creek between FM 1128 & Magnolia Pkwy.  These areas will expand the total capacity of the creek without causing a negative downstream or upstream impact.

This project is a precursor to the West Lea Ditch Improvements job.

Orange St. Detention Pond

This project has been completed

The Orange St. Detention Pond was constructed as mitigation for the Mykawa Drainage Improvement project which included installation of a double row of 4′ x 10′ RCBs.  Completion of the Mykawa project enclosed the ditch on the west side of Mykawa from Cherry St. to Orange St.

This project is part of the Texas Water Development Board grant program 75/25 local match agreement. The District was awarded the grant to enclose the ditch with reinforced concrete boxes and to construct mitigation ponds associated with the project. The goal of these improvements is to provide flood relief to the surrounding area and localized flooding which includes the neighborhoods of Willowcrest and Willowick.

Orange St. Pond - Before & After

Town Ditch Improvements – Old Alvin Rd. to Pearland Pkwy.

Town Ditch is being regraded and reseeded from Old Alvin Rd. to Pearland Pkwy. as part of the continued effort to improve drainage in the area.