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Mykawa Drainage Improvements

The Mykawa Drainage Improvement project includes the installation of a double row of 4′ x 10′ RCB that will enclose the current ditch to the west of Mykawa from Cherry Street to Orange Street. The project also includes the construction of two separate detention mitigation ponds for the proposed improvements, the land for these two ponds has already been axquired as part of this project and is included in the scope of the project. One pond is located adjacent to the BDD4 complex and the other is located north of Oranage Street, generally between the railroad tracks and SH 35.

This project is part of the Texas Water Development Board grant program 75/25 local match agreement. The District was awarded the grant to enclose the ditch with reinforced concrete boxes and to construct mitigation ponds associated with the project. The goal of these improvements is to provide flood relief to the surrounding area and localized flooding which includes the neighborhoods of Willowcrest and Willowick.

Cowart/Bailey Pond Weir Improvement Project

The District has identified the need for improvements to the weir structures at the Bailey Detention Pond (south of Bailey; west of Wells Dr.) and the Cowart Diversion Detention Pond (between Veterans Dr. and Wells Dr.).
A drainage study of the Hood Ditch area was completed in August 2017 which identified several projects that would reduce flooding along Hood Ditch. The improvements at the Diversion Pond were included in this study and was used as a guide to scope this project.
The proposed optimization of the existing weir to Bailey Pond has also been identified by observations during rain events and the LOMR for Coward Creek Diversion improvements. These improvements will provide efficient use of the available volume in both ponds and will reduce the flooding risk to residents along the north/south streets between Bailey and CR 100.


West Lea Drainage Improvements

The West Lea Drainage Improvements project will be a multi-phased project that will incorporate improvements to the interior of the West Lea subdivision drainage system, the drainage ditch that conveys storm water from the subdivision, and Mary’s Creek which is the receiving stream.

Mary’s Creek will be reconstructed to install in-line storage through benching sections on the north bank of the channel.  The extents of the channel benching will start from the weir at the West Mary’s Detention Basin to the channel crossing at Magnolia Pkwy.  A total of approximately 3,800 linear feet of benching will be constructed with stop blocks placed at an interval of approximately 500 feet in order to keep the channel conveyance similar to the existing condition, thereby creating additional storage in the floodplain with the benched sections.

The Mary’s Creek benching project will coincide with the rehabilitation of the West Lea Ditch and drainage improvements within the West Lea subdivision.  These improvements will not alter the runoff volume from the West Lea subdivision, only the timing of inflow into Mary’s Creek,  reducing the contribution of runoff to Mary’s Creek during peak times.  The benching section on Mary’s Creek will provide additional capacity without impacting the 100-year storm frequency.

Federal Flood Risk Reduction Project – Clear Creek

The Clear Creek Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project is a partnership project between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Harris County Flood Control District, Galveston County, and Brazoria Drainage District No. 4.  As of the June 2019 Project Partnership Agreement between the Corps and the Harris County Flood Control District, the Flood Control District is the lead agency for this project, under a non-federal implementation pilot program authorized by Section 1043(b) of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) of 2014.

The portion of this project within the limits of Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 is Clear Creek between SH 288 and Dixie Farm Road and Mary’s Creek from Harkey Road to SH 35.

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Flood Warning System

Harris County Flood Warning System

In 2018 Brazoria Drainage District No. 4, through the use of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Pearland and an Inter-local agreement with the Harris County Flood Control District, installed 8 new rain/storm gauges throughout the district (map of gauge locations).

The purpose of this project was to remove the old gauges that the City of Pearland owned and replace them with the newest technology in order to give residents within our jurisdiction real-time monitoring of our local streams and bayous.  The data includes water levels, rainfall amount, historical flooding data, a visual cross-section of the associated drainage channel, and our benchmark information at each gauge station.

When it begins to rain, data-collecting sensors at each gauge station transmit rainfall amounts via radio frequency every time 0.04 inches of rain is measured by the sensor. Sensors that transmit bayou/stream levels report every 0.10 foot rise in water levels.  The sensors transmit information to four primary repeaters located in the Huffman, Clodine, League City, and Tomball areas.The repeaters then relay the data to primary and back-up base stations located at Houston Transtar and at the Harris County Appraisal District. The information is monitored daily by software and by Flood Control District staff to ensure the gauges are properly functioning and transmitting accurate data.

Update: We have are in the process of adding 8 new locations around our District.  Check out the latest map and get live updates via text or email at the Harris County Flood Warning System site:

Flood Warning System Map

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Masonic Lodge Ditch

The Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 is scheduled to begin drainage reclamation and maintenance activities on the Willowick drainage ditch and detention system in June 2019.

Project scope shall include, but is not limited to, ditch reclamation, concrete box culvert installation, and maintenance of the drainage ditch adjacent to Willowick subdivision. Included in this work is the reclamation of the drainage easement within the Willowick subdivision for maintenance access.

The initial phase of the project shall include drainage easement reclamation work consisting of the removal of trees, debris, and any encroachments upon the drainage easement. The drainage easement has been located and marked by a professional land surveyor. The drainage easement will be cleared of any encroachment including structures, fence, plantings, and any other obstructions to the operation and maintenance of the drainage facility. Property owners with identified encroachments will receive with this correspondence an exhibit reflecting the area of encroachment that will need to be remedied.

The Masonic Lodge Ditch job is a channel improvement project to restore 2,500 feet of open ditch from the rear of the CF Spencer Masonic Lodge on Walnut St. at the north and extending south to the recently completed Fite Rd. extension.  The installation of the box culvert storm sewer beneath the Fite Rd. extension made possible the improvements that this ditch has needed for some time.  The project scope includes the regrading of approximately 2,100 linear feet of open ditch, installation of 300 feet of concrete box culvert, and the replacement of failing outfall pipes from the Willowick subdivision.

This project has been completed

Brazoria County Stormwater Quality Coalition

   Brazoria County Stormwater Quality Coalition Website

The Brazoria County Stormwater Quality Coalition consists of the City of Lake Jackson, City of Freeport, City of Clute, City of Alvin, City of Richwood, City of Angleton, Brazoria County C & R District No. 3, Brazoria Drainage District No. 4, Angleton Drainage District, Velasco Drainage District, and Brazoria County.  The coalition was formed in August 2007 as an effort by the members to assist one another in complying with stormwater quality regulations established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Help us improve water quality in Brazoria County.  Please report the following to the stormwater pollution hotline:

  • Illicit discharges
  • Non-compliant construction sites
  • Illegal dumping
  • Other stormwater quality concerns

    Stormwater Pollution Hotlines:

(979) 864-1295

(979) 388-1295

(281) 756-7295