Current Projects

Hickory Slough Improvements – Max Rd. to Silverlake Pkwy.

This purpose of this project is to clean out silt and repair the slopes as needed on Hickory Slough from Max Rd. to Silverlake Pkwy.  The portion from Max Rd. to Cullen Blvd. will focus on the removal of silt islands and build up.  Further west, from Cullen Blvd. to Silverlake Pkwy. the focus will be on slope repairs on the south side of Hickory Slough.


In Progress

Roy Rd. Detention Pond

The Roy Rd. Detention Pond project is located at the dead end of Roy Rd. adjacent to the south side of Clear Creek in Brookside Village.  It will encompass the District acquired 14.335 acre Taha tract (purchased in FY 2020) and the previously acquired 4.13 acre Loonam tract allowing for a potential total of 18.465 surface acres of detention area and will provide additional flood mitigation for that area in Brookside Village.


Construction In Progress

Country Place Detention Basin

This detention pond will be located on a 20.031-acre tract near Country Place ditch and Clear Creek.  This project is located in the Country Place development adjacent to both Country Place Ditch and Clear Creek.  The total area of the tract will be fully utilized for flood mitigation and will provide additional detention storage in the area.


In Progress

Harrison Rogers Detention Facility

The recently dedicated Harrison Rogers Detention Facility will deepen the currently constructed detention pond on the eastern portion of the property and connect it to the proposed detention pond on the western portion.  The ponds will utilize a pumped system to fully maximize the capacity and will provide additional flood mitigation for the surrounding neighborhoods of Mimosa Acres and Willowcrest.

The ponds are located at the BDD4 offices property on either sides of the back parking lot and shop.

West Pond

East Pond

West Lea Drainage Improvements

This project is part of a collaborative effort with the City of Pearland

The West Lea Drainage Improvements project will be a multi-phased project that will incorporate improvements to the interior of the West Lea subdivision drainage system, the drainage ditch that conveys storm water from the subdivision, and Mary’s Creek which is the receiving stream.

Mary’s Creek will be reconstructed to install in-line storage through benching sections on the north bank of the channel.  The extents of the channel benching will start from the weir at the West Mary’s Detention Basin to the channel crossing at Magnolia Pkwy.  A total of approximately 3,800 linear feet of benching will be constructed with stop blocks placed at an interval of approximately 500 feet in order to keep the channel conveyance similar to the existing condition, thereby creating additional storage in the floodplain with the benched sections.

The Mary’s Creek benching project will coincide with the rehabilitation of the West Lea Ditch and drainage improvements within the West Lea subdivision.  These improvements will not alter the runoff volume from the West Lea subdivision, only the timing of inflow into Mary’s Creek,  reducing the contribution of runoff to Mary’s Creek during peak times.  The benching section on Mary’s Creek will provide additional capacity without impacting the 100-year storm frequency.

Installation of Drainage Improvements

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