Cannon Ditch Detention Pond

The District acquired approximately 43-acres adjacent to Cannon Ditch in an area that was identified in the District’s Master Drainage Plan as an area for regional detention.  The District will be able to create approximately 280 acre-feet of detention capacity in an area that has had flood problems in the past.



Town Ditch Improvements – Old Alvin Rd. to Pearland Pkwy.

Town Ditch is being regraded and reseeded from Old Alvin Rd. to Pearland Pkwy. as part of the continued effort to improve drainage in the area.

In Progress

Construction Complete

Rogers Middle School Ditch

This project has been completed

Rogers Middle School Ditch was regraded and reseeded to improve flow and functionality.

Country Place Detention Basin

This detention pond will be located on a 20.031-acre tract near Country Place ditch and Clear Creek.  This project is located in the Country Place development adjacent to both Country Place Ditch and Clear Creek.  The total area of the tract will be fully utilized for flood mitigation and will provide additional detention storage in the area.


In Progress

McHard Rd. Detention Pond

This project is part of a collaborative effort with the City of Pearland

This detention facility is designed as a regional mitigation basin strictly for the benefit of the watershed with no availability to be sold or allocated for public of private projects as part of a joint project with the City of Pearland.  This area was identified in the Master Drainage Plan and the specific property was found to be available during the design process of the McHard Rd. Extension project.  It is approximately 35 acres and the volume will be maximized to provide ultimate benefits to the surrounding community.


In Progress

Harrison Rogers Detention Facility

The recently dedicated Harrison Rogers Detention Facility will deepen the currently constructed detention pond on the eastern portion of the property and connect it to the proposed detention pond on the western portion.  The ponds will utilize a pumped system to fully maximize the capacity and will provide additional flood mitigation for the surrounding neighborhoods of Mimosa Acres and Willowcrest.

The ponds are located at the BDD4 offices property on either sides of the back parking lot and shop.

West Pond

East Pond

Westminister Ditch

This project has been completed

Westminister (BBQ) Ditch is an existing drainage channel located just north of the intersection of FM 518 & Pearland Parkway.  The ditch is a grass-lined channel that drains east before discharging into Clear Creek.

The purpose of this project is to shift the ditch within District owned Right of Way in order to provide sufficient maintenance access on both sides of the channel.  The District will also rehabilitate and re-establish the slope of this ditch as well as replace failing outfalls.

Pre & During Construction


Clear Creek Reclamation Project

This project has been completed

This project’s scope is to remove approximately 90,000 yards of dirt from the Clear Creek channel creating a bench just above the static water level, thus creating additional detention within the banks of the channel.  This project continues and connects with a job completed last year just upstream that commenced one quarter mile south of the Barry Rose bridge.  The previous job was approximately one quarter mile in length, the current project is approximately one half mile in length.

Masonic Lodge Ditch

This project has been completed

The Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 is scheduled to begin drainage reclamation and maintenance activities on the Willowick drainage ditch and detention system in June 2019.

Project scope shall include, but is not limited to, ditch reclamation, concrete box culvert installation, and maintenance of the drainage ditch adjacent to Willowick subdivision. Included in this work is the reclamation of the drainage easement within the Willowick subdivision for maintenance access.

The initial phase of the project shall include drainage easement reclamation work consisting of the removal of trees, debris, and any encroachments upon the drainage easement. The drainage easement has been located and marked by a professional land surveyor. The drainage easement will be cleared of any encroachment including structures, fence, plantings, and any other obstructions to the operation and maintenance of the drainage facility. Property owners with identified encroachments will receive with this correspondence an exhibit reflecting the area of encroachment that will need to be remedied.

The Masonic Lodge Ditch job is a channel improvement project to restore 2,500 feet of open ditch from the rear of the CF Spencer Masonic Lodge on Walnut St. at the north and extending south to the recently completed Fite Rd. extension.  The installation of the box culvert storm sewer beneath the Fite Rd. extension made possible the improvements that this ditch has needed for some time.  The project scope includes the regrading of approximately 2,100 linear feet of open ditch, installation of 300 feet of concrete box culvert, and the replacement of failing outfall pipes from the Willowick subdivision.

Pre-Construction through Completion

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