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Cowart/Bailey Pond Weir Improvement Project

This project has been completed

The District has identified the need for improvements to the weir structures at the Bailey Detention Pond (south of Bailey; west of Wells Dr.) and the Cowart Diversion Detention Pond (between Veterans Dr. and Wells Dr.).
A drainage study of the Hood Ditch area was completed in August 2017 which identified several projects that would reduce flooding along Hood Ditch. The improvements at the Diversion Pond were included in this study and was used as a guide to scope this project.
The proposed optimization of the existing weir to Bailey Pond has also been identified by observations during rain events and the LOMR for Coward Creek Diversion improvements. These improvements will provide efficient use of the available volume in both ponds and will reduce the flooding risk to residents along the north/south streets between Bailey and CR 100.

West Lea Drainage Improvements

This project is part of a collaborative effort with the City of Pearland

The West Lea Drainage Improvements project will be a multi-phased project that will incorporate improvements to the interior of the West Lea subdivision drainage system, the drainage ditch that conveys storm water from the subdivision, and Mary’s Creek which is the receiving stream.

Mary’s Creek will be reconstructed to install in-line storage through benching sections on the north bank of the channel.  The extents of the channel benching will start from the weir at the West Mary’s Detention Basin to the channel crossing at Magnolia Pkwy.  A total of approximately 3,800 linear feet of benching will be constructed with stop blocks placed at an interval of approximately 500 feet in order to keep the channel conveyance similar to the existing condition, thereby creating additional storage in the floodplain with the benched sections.

The Mary’s Creek benching project will coincide with the rehabilitation of the West Lea Ditch and drainage improvements within the West Lea subdivision.  These improvements will not alter the runoff volume from the West Lea subdivision, only the timing of inflow into Mary’s Creek,  reducing the contribution of runoff to Mary’s Creek during peak times.  The benching section on Mary’s Creek will provide additional capacity without impacting the 100-year storm frequency.

Installation of Drainage Improvements

Westminister Ditch

This project has been completed

Westminister (BBQ) Ditch is an existing drainage channel located just north of the intersection of FM 518 & Pearland Parkway.  The ditch is a grass-lined channel that drains east before discharging into Clear Creek.

The purpose of this project is to shift the ditch within District owned Right of Way in order to provide sufficient maintenance access on both sides of the channel.  The District will also rehabilitate and re-establish the slope of this ditch as well as replace failing outfalls.

Pre & During Construction


Country Place Ditch

This project has been completed

Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 is scheduled to begin drainage reclamation and maintenance activities on the Country Place, The Lakes at Country Place, and Southdown drainage ditch in July 2019.

Project scope shall include, but is not limited to, Drainage Right of Way reclamation, outfall repairs, and maintenance of the drainage ditch adjacent to Country Place, The Lakes at Country Place, and Southdown subdivisions.

The initial phase of the project shall include drainage easement reclamation work consisting of the removal of trees, debris, and any encroachments upon the Drainage Right of Way. The Drainage Right of Way has been located by a professional land surveyor. The Drainage Right of Way will be cleared of any encroachment including structures, fence, plantings, and any other obstructions to the operation and maintenance of the drainage facility.

The drainage channel known as Country Place/Southdown Ditch extends from State Highway 288 east, then turning north to outfall into Clear Creek.  The neighborhoods to the north and south of this ditch began construction in the early 1980s.  The outfall pipes from those neighborhoods have needed repairs or replacement for several years.  This project will first address those failing outfall pipes and structures from Country Place and Southdown, then will refocus to regrading of the channel.

Government Ditch

This project has been completed

This is an inter-local project with Brazoria County to clean out and improve approximately 2.3 miles of a drainage ditch extending from FM 1462 in Rosharon, south to County Road 655 on the Ramsey and Jester state farm property.  This ditch is located in an area that does not currently have Drainage District representation.

Springfield Ditch

This project has been completed

Springfield Ditch & Park Village Detention Pond

The detention facilities for the neighborhoods of Springfield and Park Village have been plagued with drainage difficulties for many years.  In an effort to more effectively drain these facilities, the District engineered and has nearly completed a project that combined the two detention ponds with the drainage channel that was located between the ponds.  This design addressed the drainage concerns, replaced failing outfall pipes, and simplified the maintenance burden in perpetuity.

Construction In Progress


Clear Creek Reclamation Project

This project has been completed

This project’s scope is to remove approximately 90,000 yards of dirt from the Clear Creek channel creating a bench just above the static water level, thus creating additional detention within the banks of the channel.  This project continues and connects with a job completed last year just upstream that commenced one quarter mile south of the Barry Rose bridge.  The previous job was approximately one quarter mile in length, the current project is approximately one half mile in length.

Mary’s Creek @ Independence Park

This project has been completed

Due to devastating damage from Hurricane Harvey the Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 began channel  improvements on Mary’s Creek in the Independence Park area. The first phase of improvements were from John Lizer Road to Liberty Drive near the old park entrance.

Once this section is complete work will continue on to other sections of the Creek. This project is necessary to stabilize the severely eroded banks of the channel and improve the conveyance of storm water during future flood events.


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