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Orange St. Detention Pond

This project has been completed

The Orange St. Detention Pond was constructed as mitigation for the Mykawa Drainage Improvement project which included installation of a double row of 4′ x 10′ RCBs.  Completion of the Mykawa project enclosed the ditch on the west side of Mykawa from Cherry St. to Orange St.

This project is part of the Texas Water Development Board grant program 75/25 local match agreement. The District was awarded the grant to enclose the ditch with reinforced concrete boxes and to construct mitigation ponds associated with the project. The goal of these improvements is to provide flood relief to the surrounding area and localized flooding which includes the neighborhoods of Willowcrest and Willowick.

Orange St. Pond - Before & After

Harrison Rogers Detention Facility

The recently dedicated Harrison Rogers Detention Facility will deepen the currently constructed detention pond on the eastern portion of the property and connect it to the proposed detention pond on the western portion.  The ponds will utilize a pumped system to fully maximize the capacity and will provide additional flood mitigation for the surrounding neighborhoods of Mimosa Acres and Willowcrest.

The ponds are located at the BDD4 offices property on either sides of the back parking lot and shop.

West Pond

East Pond

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