Preliminary Plat Submittal

Certain governmental entities within the jurisdiction of the District require signatures of the District on plats certifying compliance with the District’s Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines before approval is granted.  In these instances, a Preliminary Plat must be submitted to the District simultaneously with the Preliminary Drainage Plan.

Click on the Preliminary Plat Review Guidelines button below for the District’s requirements.

We will not start the review process until all of the following have been submitted:

  • Preliminary Plat Guidelines

    1. Title plat “Preliminary Plat”.
    2. Name, address, & phone number of the surveyor that prepared the plat and of the owner.
    3. Date on all submittals and date of all revisions, including month, day, & year.
    4. Location or vicinity map drawn to a scale.
    5. Benchmark & reference benchmark with datum and year of adjustment (must be City of Pearland or BDD4 benchmark).
    6. District notes in accordance with Section 5.H.
    7. Signature lines for the District Superintendent and the District Engineer in accordance with Section 4.D.
    8. Location & dimensions of all existing & proposed drainage easements & fee strips (see Section 9).
    9. Location of all drainage arteries adjacent to or crossing the development as determined by actual ground survey by the developer’s surveyor including recording information and the District Unit Number.  Survey shall have been completed within the past year and shall show stream alignment two hundred (200) feet upstream and downstream of development.
    10. Limits of the floodway and 100-year floodplain scaled from the current FIRM.  If none exists, add a note stating that the subject tract lies entirely outside the 100-year floodplain.
    11. For all Preliminary Plat submittals requirements must conform to the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying Rule 663.18.
    12. Names of adjacent property owners or lot and block numbers if a platted subdivision.