Final Plat Submittal

Certain governmental entities within the jurisdiction of the District require signatures of District’s Board of Commissioners on plats certifying compliance with the District’s Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines before approval is granted.  In these instances, a Final Plat must be submitted to the District simultaneously with the Final Drainage Plan.

The Final Plat must adhere to all Preliminary Plat guidelines.


Upload final plat at our Submittal Information page

Scale: Use standard engineering scales, properly identified on each drawing.  Sheet size 22″x34″ is required.

  • Final Plat Guidelines

    1. Title plat “Final Plat”.
    2. Name, address, & phone numbers of the surveyor that prepared the plat, owner, MUD, & Home Owners Association as applicable.
    3. Location or vicinity map drawn to a scale.
    4. Benchmark and reference benchmark with datum and year of adjustment.  All projects must be tied vertically & horizontally to a City of Pearland or Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 benchmark.
    5. District notes in accordance with Section 5.H.
    6. Signature lines for the District in accordance with Section 5.I.
    7. Location & dimensions of all existing & proposed drainage easements & fee strips. (see Section 9).
    8. True location of all drainage arteries adjacent to or crossing the development as determined by actual ground survey by the developer’s surveyor.  Survey shall have been completed within the past year and shall show stream alignment two hundred (200) feet upstream and downstream of the development.
    9. Paper copies of the plat shall conform to Texas Board of Land Surveying Rule 663.18(a).
    10. Applicable signatures of all parties to the plat prior to Board approval.
    11. CDROM containing the project boundary tied to the State Plane Coordinate System NAD 83.